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Kill Your Friends - Review - @BrandonCSites

Kill Your Friends (2015) **
D: Owen Harris
C: Nicholas Hoult, James Corden, Georgia King, Tom Riley, Craig Roberts, Jim Piddock, Joseph Mawle, Dustin Demri-Burns, Damien Molony, Bronson Webb, Ella Smith, Rosanna Hoult

Plot Synopsis: In the late 1990s, a drug-addled nihilist resorts to murder to climb the ladder of the London music industry.

Review: Kill You Friends is like a New Year's resolution. It aims to be a scathing satire of the music industry, but like a resolution, it never fully commits to what it sets out to accomplish.

The cast is attractive. They get naked, indulge in sex & drugs. There's the occasional murder or two ....or three. There's flashy color palates, moments of style & rapid fire dialogue. It's fast paced and maintains interest throughout. Overall, this is agreeable entertainment. However, that's exactly the problem!! In order to be a scathing satire of something, you have to take a no prisoners type approach. That means being unafraid to take direct aim at your subject, even if that means ruffling feathers. After all, the idea behind a satire is to make a pointed statement against something.

Kill Your Friends takes the side of its main character, a record executive who picks off his colleagues. In doing so, it's agreeing with the main character's viewpoint that his colleagues deserve to die, that the music industry is run by buffoons, that the music industry is seriously flawed. I have one question. Didn't we already know that?!? It's so narrowly focused on the music industry, that it fails to see the bigger picture. Maybe the main character is as much a problem as his surroundings? Maybe the bigger problem is society itself?

Kill Your Friends has an idea and a voice, but it's afraid to speak up and fully explore the material. Maybe the truth is ugly and that'll offend people, but if we avoid truths to avoid offense then we'll get nowhere. Case in point, here's a film that skirts the very issues that it brings up. [Not Rated] 103 minutes.

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